Dear Guy-Who-Pissed-Me-Off-That-I-Eventually-Forgot-About-Five-Minutes-Later,

two centavos


I'm a day late to the schedule i intended to keep, but there's a reason people mention Parkinson's Law in some productivity books. This week's a little piece. I've read four books in the past ten days and i have been inspired to .. do a little story. (btw, if you have never read the Phantom Tollbooth - i fucking recommend it *chefs kiss*)

Dear Mister-Man-Sir-I-Inconvenienced,

Henlo. It me, yo' girl in the Jeep. Yes, the one who blocked the crosswalk you were walking through. My fucking bad, your highness. I probably didn't react fast enough and before the light even turned yellow, i'm sure there was a circus going on in my head, monkeys clapping high hats together with clowns juggling and everything. I apologize if i ruined your whole entire day by not allowing you enough space to walk to wherever you were strolling of to. Not gonna lie, for a brief moment after our interaction, i figured you ruined my day. I could not get it out of my mind, how annoying your comment was and how there were a million other inconveniences in the world, and you chose to be annoying about this one. It was an honest mistake and i could not stop mulling over it. I was so .. engulfed by my fiery thoughts, i even made a note to rant about you in my diary because i could not fathom how insane it was for someone to be so bothered to walk around my car. at the time, my mind started racing with all these aimless thoughts, thinking "it would be you, mister white man" and "these uptown stick-up-their-ass Pasadena folk won't let me live". Oh, i was flaming. But when i got to where i wanted to go and walked around, this moment completely slipped my mind. As i was reviewing my notes a few days later, i just laughed at myself. I let your silly little comment get to me, and remembered how a petty inconvenience just morphed into another inconvenience, and poof.. it dissipated. So mister oh-my-god-i-can't-believe-i-have-to-walk-around-this-car, though you are a much older man, i thought you’d be a little more nonchalant.. shit or at least complain about other things like your back or arthritis as this point. Though, i’m surprised you were not more equipped to handle as something as tough as someone accidentally and unwillingly blocking the cross walk you're walking through. I was not about to even think about getting a ticket or getting into an accident, just so you can have your cushioned ass walking space.

I do have to say, what really ticked me off was your snarky ass saying "she must not have a care in the world". No sir, i just did not care about YOU enough. In fact, i didn't even think it would matter that much to you as i yelled out "sorry" when I realized my grave mistake as the light turned red. But you know, you probably didn't hear me. You really didn't think i care about anything in this entire world? I may have been misconstrued if it was an idiom that was supposed to sound like "these darn kids, only think about themselves *shakes fist*", i just didn’t get it. So well, I guess i was just really pissed off because you assumed something I was just LALALA’ing the entire time.. and that just really pushed my self-destruct button. Any racial slur would have sufficed, actually no, it was probably a good thing you didn't because i needed a reality check on letting small simple shit go. Especially if you would have got my race wrong, and i would've laughed and thought damn these white folk and their racism. But since i couldn't get over it for some time, i had the burning desire to let you know i do care about shtuffs.

Let me share with you the three things I care about most in this world.

- my perrito, guey.
- my friends & family
- my faith in the Higher Powers

I forgot what the point was of writing this silly letter. Oh yeah, to take note of the progression of inconvenience that seemed to transmit all that caca energy in one form to another. The first law of thermodynamics applied in spirit. How that train of energy just flew through me and i was wreaking havoc in my head. Creating scenarios where i didn't bite my tongue and gave you a piece of my own damn mind. Falling into day dreams with some wild west music playing in the background and somehow i magically walk out my car with cow boots on and a straw in my mouth, saying "You got a prollem, sir?" . Maybe that's what you intended, but luckily, my mind stopped there. What would have been the point any way? Good fucking grief. But you know what dear sir, instead.. i challenge you to find hardships worse than crossing the street without your precious ample space. I challenge you to take your high horse energy, and stick it up your ass. I challenge you to maybe find empathy for asian drivers like me, who are torn between running the red light all late or who just might really suck at driving. There are so many other inconveniences that are so draining, why let this one be it. In tagalog, we call people like you panget. just kidding, panget means ugly in tagalog. Unfortunately, i could not think of a better description of your attitude.

So now, when i feel like flipping off the dude in the car with a loud ass muffler who cut me off, i remember you and i let it go. maybe he needs to poop so bad he's rushing to get home? what if he's weaving through traffic to get home to take medication because his herpes is flaring? Who knows? Neither you or I will never know.. unless he did what i did and ranted about it on the internet.

Have a great weekend,

The Worst

PS - Here's some good vibes to lighten you up: