Here we are.

womp womp.

Hello Nerds!

I may have made it in the nick of time for this week's episode of Will Paula Jean Be Consistent? lol It's rough ya'll. I'm not sure if ya'll been feeling the waves of lackadaisical, ugly moods lately, but holy crap.. TWO WEEKS?! *raspberry*. I'm halfway through a book called " Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come", the author is hilarious and the title itself says it all. She's inspiring and tells funny stories about the benefits of learning how to be an extrovert from an introvert’s perspective. It's almost like that Midnight Gospel episode where the man makes multiple attempts to escape from jail and every time he dies trying, he returns back in his cell. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, i HIGHLY recommend taking the time to watch this one single episode, of this Netflix series. Or actually, the one with the older cartoon man meditation dude is just as good (episode 6 - Vulture with Honor). I'm not big on TV shows or movies, so my standards may be pretty low. But hell, WHY NOT? It's just 20 minutes of your time, definitely something to try out during one of your poop sessions.

On a totally off topic note, I've done two things for the first time. *gasp* Yes, i feel like these days.. i don't even think about trying out new things and blah blah blah, but they're not crazy OMG first time things. They're just exciting to share:

1. Shang Chi in 4DX . Originally we were supposed to smerk a jay to have a fun 3D experience, but James mentioned a late showing for 4DX and we were like QUE??? and lost our minds at the concept. So if you thought 3D was a fun way to watch a Marvel movie, try fucking with 4DX. It's 3D and THEN SOME. The seats move in conjunction with any action packed scene in the movie. If there is a car race scene, your seats twist and turn along with the movie. When there's a splash of water, it spritz some water on you. I couldn't believe it. Even when there were scenes with fog or smoke, there was a fog machine on the corner of the projector screen just puffing away. It was INTENSE. The thing is.. (lol).. i was in LOVE for the first hour. I could not stop giggling (also because I was sitting next to James whom i have the biggest damn crush on). I thought "I WILL NEVER WATCH MOVIES IN REGULAR MODE EVER AGAIN". but after the first hour, it really started to hurt. There were so many fight scenes, my body was being thrown around in the chair for however long the movie was (~2.5 hours?). DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE ON A ROLLERCOASTER FOR OVER 2 HOURS? It's tiring T___T , I was in pain. My body ached for a few days. However, i did not get tired of being mist by water. It was cute and refreshing lol Maybe it's best to watch in 4DX when the movie doesn't have hella fight scenes because at the end, you' may end up like my friend Nilo . You'll "ugh" your way through the last hour of the movie and blurt out empty threats to sue the theatre if they didn't get it stop. We're probably old, but it may benefit the theatre to opt in for some kind of "rest mode". 10/10 would recommend based on the movie you're going to watch. I've grown from wanting to watch everything in 4dx to wanting to watch in 4DX maybe once a year lol Maybe next time, i'll actually have a lighter for my jay and it'll be a.. different experience? lol

2. Niko and i have successfully pulled off a full ass softball game with a full team!! We didn't think it was possible, but i'm lucky to have a couple of reliable friends. 19 ppl, 9 innings, and a couple base slides later.. we realized we'd spend about four hours with no break - all trying our best to score runs. It was SO fun. Here are some snippets (a telephoto lens is next on my wish list.. okay not next but it's top 10 lol)

Someone messaged me saying, "I CAME TO PLAY! CANT WAIT FOR NEXT TIME". and i was like wow, this is so tight T_T. It wasn't just me and Niko who enjoyed playing sports with our friends like the kids we are. We were so nervous that it would just be us three, eating the 20 burgers that we bought for the after game picnic. We asked interested people to show up around 10am on a Sunday. Yes, it was a lot to ask on a Sunday but with the way that Niko and I worked together, the earlier the better. I had came from Lancaster at 2am on Sunday morning and got my ass up at 630 to get my life together for the game. We figured if people wanted to come, they'd come and we'd take it from there. It was a close game. My favorite part of the whole thing was talking to drunk ass Nelson between at-bats and watching him go from striking out sober to hitting doubles drunk lol Now i just need to strengthen my throwing arm for next month's dodgeball game.

I thought i wouldn't have anything to share because i've been riding the struggle bus for the past week or so. But reminiscing about those two days of fuck-it-ness, just feels sulit. In Tagalog, sulit means something that is worth it. No boundaries, no parameters, just.. anything you deem worthy. In this case, Sulit ang pagod ko lol. Which translates to, the effort is worth it. I thought it was being tired is worth it, but google proved my memory wrong, but has added that sauce onto the meaning. The Effort is Worth It *shing sparkle sparkle*

Despite how groggy i've been feeling the past few weeks, I sort of feel grounded here. Reminiscing, writing, editing photos, and doodling. It's like the ups and downs had just canceled each other out in a math problem and just evened out. I was going to begin this week's issue with a whole different concept of ancestry but i've ran into some recent speed bumps with my own place on the family tree. I could just not gather the will in me to write about it so i've taken the side to just sit with my feelings and pull them all together before I even began drafting it. I didn't want to run on an impulse. I'll save the chisme for next time.

So since you've made it this far, i'd like to share with you one of my recent favorite things on the internet. Dude, it is an AI generated Rom Com and it's fucking hilarious.. to me.