I’m Paula Jean & I like to do stuffs.

For the strangers on the internet, heres my weak introduction to me :3

Dated 2022

I enjoy taking photos & writing about stuffs.

The easiest way for me to capture a moment is actually remembering to document it so that I can continue to receive the “on this day.. # years ago” notifications. I found that the funny stuff I tend to note become my favorite memories. So i do a lot of it - writing and taking photos so I can put it in my pocket to remember for laterz.

& i love being outdoors.

Dated 2023

Bruh - I LOVE finding a new trail, exploring a new town and being a tourist. I like new places whether it’s an adventure in my backyard or a road trip across state(s). I will take the looooong way if it meant that I could get on the soft road for some scenic mountain or canyon views.

but above all, I love my pups.

Dated 2024

I mean look at that fayyyshh! He’s the bestestest friend I could have ever asked for and I strive to be the best person I can be so that I can hope he feels the same. He is truly my better half and I struggle going to many places without him.


my goals for this blogging scheme is to:

  • make you embarrassed for me

  • catch you up with whatever irrelevant stuff i’m doing

  • practice writing so I can figure out my own tone


I am outgrowing my bullshit & I have too many projects on my bucket list.
Join me as on my little journey as I my find my footing to DIY everything.

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outgrowing my bullshit.