31 / F / Los Angeles

I'm driven by adventure and my love for capturing moments, ideas or a feeling. I can't seem to shake off the creative itch, so i figured i'd just sink into it. 

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Because it’s FREE. You can read my bi-weekly raves/rants/thoughts/adventures, basically an almost diary aspect of a newsletter if you’re ever curious what kind of rabbit hole i’m currently going down. My unsolicited two cents. I hope, in the long run, drafting these issues will help me articulate and write better. lord knows, i could use the practice. You can subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website, or you can delete upon arrival to your inbox, oh well.

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Have you ever asked me how I’m doing and I just say “Good.”? Period, the end. I am the worst lol But i’m working on it! I’m pushing myself to be less shy about my response and well sometimes, I just forget to mention the one of many random hobbies that i’ve picked up or juggling at the time. Most of the time, it’s because i’d rather hear more about you than talk about me.

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