I’m Paula Jean & I like to do stuffs.

I enjoy taking photos & writing about stuffs.

I send bi-weekly spam emails to my friends where I share a few random memes & stuffs. I find this medium a lot less intrusive than social media and it really gives me a chance to share different parts of me.

& i love being outdoors.

There’s nothing like finding a new trail, exploring a new town and being a tourist. I love discovering new places whether these adventures take place in my backyard of LA or if they call for a long road trip across a state. I will take the long way if it meant that I could take the soft road for some scenic mountain or canyon views.

but not as much as I love my pups.

I mean look at that face! He’s the bestestest friend I could have ever asked for and I strive to be the best person I can be so that I can hope he feels the same. He is truly my better half and I don’t imagine I’ll be adventuring out to many places if they’re not dog friendly. I struggle going to many places without him.


I am outgrowing my own bullshit.
Join me on my little journey as I find my footing.

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i like to write spam emails to my friends.